cross-country skiing


Cross-Country Schedule and results

8 February
14:00 Ladies’ Skiathlon 7.5 km Classic + 7.5 km Free

9 February
14:00 Men’s Skiathlon 15 km Classic + 15 km Free

11 February
14:00 Ladies’ Sprint Free Qualification
14:25 Men’s Sprint Free Qualification
16:00 Ladies’ Sprint Free Quarterfinals
16:25 Men’s Sprint Free Quarterfinals
16:56 Ladies’ Sprint Free Semifinals
17:06 Men’s Sprint Free Semifinals
17:22 Ladies’ Sprint Free Finals
17:30 Men’s Sprint Free Finals

13 February
14:00 Ladies’ 10km Classic

14 February
14:00 Men’s 15km Classic

15 February
14:00 Ladies’ Relay 4×5 km

16 February
14:00 Men’s Relay 4×10 km

19 February
13:15 Ladies’ Team Sprint Classic Semifinals
14:06 Men’s Team Sprint Classic Semifinals
15:45 Ladies’ Team Sprint Classic Final
16:15 Men’s Team Sprint Classic Final

22 February
13:30 Ladies’ 30 km Mass Start Free

23 February
11:00 Men’s 50 km Mass Start Free



Cross-Country skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games:


- Totally Nordic is run by Alan Eason, British National Cross Country Ski Team member, who is one of the UK’s top cross country ski instructors. Alan is also a Nordic Tutor & level 4 instructor for Snowsport England & holds SSE, BASI & APSI instructor qualifications.


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